This site is a response to unbelievable things hallucinations say to me. They have changed a lot over the years, but their origin remains a mystery. I have spent years researching psychiatric studies that attempt to explain thew aetiology of AVH. There is no way these voices are misattributions or sub-vocalisation. I can defat any of the main hypothese that attempt to ascribe causality to such phenomea!.

The HOST information is my response to the Aliens.

The 1st person transcripts are the raw data (that leads me to unavoidably conclude they are Aliens)

So please read this site not as a medium of information propogation. It is instead a response to the certain FACT that my audioptry verbal hallucinations come from real people - autonomous, volitional, independant, language capable beings! This site presents the evidence, and shows how my responses.

Bizarre / Homage / Promise kept / (unofficial) Freemasons

16th July 2019 1006 hours

I apologise to the general reader for this seemingly irrelevant post, but I have strategic reasons for creating it.

I do not support or 'buy into' conspiracies, but I have definite reasons this brief post.

Firstly, some interesting material that I have collated regarding the bona fides of Freemasonry in the English speaking world:


And here is the bizarre bit. I 'wonder' at these two websites. I do not believe the content, but I have given an undertaking to the authors et al that I would promote their work. (By the way, the Illuminati were the scientists of the 17th century, who had to go underground when they began due to the probability of being charged with heresy by the necromancers (the Catholic Church - Like Cardinal George Pells)

I found this in one of my files (on code words). I have published it because I think it was put there by very important and unlikely people:

Liber Jugorum
Xepera Xeper Xeperu
Xeper and Remanifest
Reyn til Runa!
Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas
Capimao Vovim
Apepi Set
Anadl Natuiaeth Ufudd-Dod Bedd Oedd Doeth Ni Fyny Fel

Here are some code words that I had listed at the beginning of that same file:
1 row of 1 boxes
2 rows of 2 boxes
3 rows of 3 boxes
4 rows of 4 boxes
5 rows of 5 boxes
6 rows of 6 boxes
7 rows of 7 boxes
8 rows of 8 boxes
9 row of 9 boxes
10 rows of 10 boxes

What the F?!!*

ALso, too, additionally, as well, and..these are not code words, but provide God's love for theworld:

Төв азийн элэгнээс
Дэлхийн талыг эзлэхдээ
Хүлэг сайн морьдын туурайнд
Тэнгэр газрыг ниргүүлж
Энэ орчлон замбуутивийн
Түүхийн хуудсыг эргүүлж
Хүннү гүрний нүүдлийн цуваа
Өдөр шөнөгүй хөвөрсөөр
Тэнгис далайг гаталсаар
Газрын холыг туулсаар
Гол мөрнийг гэтэлсээр
Улс гүрнийг эзэлсээр

From Scott James Stewart, 008, Prophet/God of the Strategy Religion:






A 1st Person Transcript

12 december 2014  1053
Julia davis born ... im not saying anymore
S: this is because you allocated P as leader of the freemasons isn't it
About Peta Williams?
J: did they kill her?
S: no becauase I still have her feelings going on?
J: who is P K scott?
S: you allocated her as leader a couple of days ago and she accepted by not sating anything.
R: how do you know that scott.
s: because you are my aliby?
RT: who did it scott?
S: adam secant
S: who came in and took the sample?
R: are you the leader of the freemasons now
S: yes.
R: do you care what happened to pK
s: who is that?
J: where have the ghosts gone
S: to get on i guess
BO: who stole the sample
PB: how do you know that
s: she authorised it
MP: how do you kn ow that
S: she didn't say anything to me
MP: is my mum a turtle
S: shes not a sexy as mine. Shes no fuckling porn star.
MP: who told you to get maggoted
S: Im not prepared to answer facetious questions
MP: are you proud of yourself
S: she did.
J: did everyong approve of that?
S: what
S: would you please tell me who took the sample?
S: cool cool

Another 1st Person Transcript

9th February 2018

?; You don’t understand, Scott, you just lost your life because of Lizi. These cops hate junkies. Are you going to stop? 
S: definitely 
?: U will have to because you’re going to have to. Your going to jail for homocide; very soon 
S: I feel that u are punishing yourself by observing me all the time. I also notice that you are humans again 
?m: you’ll find out Scott that you’re dead 
S: that would make u the same as me 
?m:  wrong. We’re better 
S: because? 
M? Scott u don’t understand 
S: Is that my fault 
M?: yes. U are a user, and we hate that 
S: You remind me of skinheads 
M? We’re the same. U just failed 
S: am alone 
M?: so are we 
S: I apologise 
M?: it’s your own fault. U are going down, 4 certain 
S:  I apologise. 
M?: Dave is going to kill u when u get home scott 
S: What will happen to hopey? 
RT:  Scott did you even try? S
S: try what?
RT:  doing what we say 
S:  I don’t hear what u say 
J:  Scott when u get home i will tell u something about Dave 
S: Dave who?
J:  Dave McIntyre 
S: but you don’t want to be seen 
J:  I lied to you and Dave last night 
S:  what about?
J:  I don’t want to tell you in person 
S: You are just vile

Hermetic Order for the Science of Tomorrow

Hermetic Order for the Science of Tomorrow - Not Freemasons

Discovering New Ways.What is pseudo-science now, may well be the paradigm of the future. 

HOST Executive Summary  This summary must be reproduced in derivative or refrerencing publications.Original work by Scott Stewart & Alan Brims 1994. © Scott Stewart 2015. Some Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved of the "Project Section". This work is available as under the creative commons license (Attribution — Non-commercial — No Derivatives) , however, any presentation of subsequent material using the HOST name or acronym must be accompanied by the “HOST Manifesto - Executive Summary”, otherwise it is both dangerous andf illegitimate. This must be reproduced in full, ad verbatim,  without alteration, somewhere in the subsequent work. If it is not reproduced at the start of any subsequent work(s), then there must be a reference to it at the beginning  of the subsequent work. License waivers can be obtained by email application.
For aficionados' and enthusiasts: More information about the intentions and purpose of HOST, that founds the HOST ethos, here. Details of the background, reasons and purpose of HOST ca be found here: Freemasons Stranger Than HOST. Start of - HOST Manifesto Executive Summary - BEGIN QUOTE HERE  WHAT IS HOST?HOST aspires to be a crime fighting and corruption defeating organisation. HOST is a pseudo 'secret' organisation (temporarily), unlike like the Freemasons (see this Freemasons statement.). But HOST has no inherent or historical gender bias, it is contemporary, it is diligent about equity, and fastidious regarding good and truthful reputation. It’s aim is to ensure confidence in optimism about the opportunities of the future. HOST is the natural competitor of Freemasonry. It is not strictly about science, it is about what will become science, and strategies for it's investigation, application and dissemination. HOST is about meritorious behavior. HOST has been inaugurated as an alternative to Freemasonry, because (I am told by self stated members) the Freemasons, occaisionally, if they choose, hack into peoples bank accounts and perform other, similar, disgusting perpetrated willful acts and omissions; so HOST is intending and attempting to attentuate, to some extent, amounts of Freemason (veiled allegory [a specific word]) 'corruption'. HOST hopes to demonstrate that philanthropy is possible without subversion, telepathy, or espionage etc, and can be conducted without (extensive) widespread allegations, claims and skullduggery. WHY JOIN?The benefits of participating either as a member or associate of HOST equal those of Freemasonry. In fact, they are greater.

  • Firstly, it is free. You will never be asked for monetary contributions, or kind. Only kindness.
  • Secondly, there are no tactics, contracts, masters or initiations. You act conscionably because it yields the greatest long term benefit.
  • What you achieve through HOST can not be achieved alone. Through association and respect, it provides quintessential value by demonstrating that organisations such as HOST can achieve what Freemasonry achieves, without compromised integrity. The benefits of having trustworthy friends are not limited by association. 
  • Additionally, there is the potential of attaining income through stakeholdings proportionate to participation and collaboration, in one or more of the HOST projects.
  • HOST does not impose the limitations that Freemasonry demands. Firstly, girls (that is women or females, without the use of inherently gender biased words), gay men, lesbians, non gender specific etc are not only welcome, but are encouraged to join. As are all 'mixed-creed' / mixed ethnicity and indigenous folk. Secondly, there is no prerequisite that you have to believe in a ‘supreme being’. There may be none, one, or there may be many, but HOST is itself idiological and so sees no conflict within itself, does not imsult religious faith or belief systems, and incorporates science. Hypocrasy is thus avoided, and equity maintained. 

Both HOST and Freemasonry exist because they state that beings (designated exonym [d.e.] - telepathic communications), do in fact exist. This statement precipitates iteslf in the facts available about telepathy, and implicates The Freemasons [again] (see et seq telepathy). The freemasons use their "Supreme Being" as an excuse, and ritualistically hold it responsible for what we all call "luck"(? my philosophical account that earlier contradicted this is available here). They accomplish this through sentience adjustment commonly held as inspiration. They can also offer fake and false friendship. As a HOST member you can account for hallucination(s) in an informed, healthy manner, knowing that you are not insane. Most importantly, and this is paramount, HOST intends to reveal that some of The Freeasons have been corrupted by the afforementioned beliefs. An example of this is the allegation(s) concerning their involvement with telepathy. They use their excuse (the "Supreme Being") as a vector, leading to the symptomology of schizophrenia, that on 50% of occasions results in suicide attempts, which if successul destroys the evidence. This communicative possibility also permits corrpution such as theft (of inheritance), and other fruads. HOST is aiming to stop this, and thats what several of the HOST open source projects are designed to accomplish. 

The rumoured secret 'handshake' is discussed in detail here.


It is very important to have an organisation that competes with Freemasonry. Both HOST and Freemasonry crucially demonstrate unification across national borders through a networking association that has a purpose of achieving good and great things.  But HOST is not, and shall not be compromised by the excesses, insularity or esoterics as Freemasonry is. For example, if SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) or the Breakthrough Listen project should discover anything, then it would be important to have a demonstration of unified and democratic goodwill. 


You must be 21 years or older to join. Membership is thopugh possesion and use of the HOST (knot) logo, or simply by explicit declaration when asked. You may like to complete the Official Membership Form (necessary for applicants or their guardians, if and when money is involved) (45 years or older), or the the Affiliate / Associate Membership Form. Both application forms include a description of your interests or skills that HOST may publish after project completion, to promote HOST goodwill projects.  Involvement in HOST projects makes you a member automatically. Your HOST membership can and will remain a secret, unless you choose to declare or discuss it with someone publicly. 


End of HOST Manifesto Executive Summary - END QUOTE HERE

See also Hermetic Order of the Science of Tomorrow
The original HOST manifesto can be read here...



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